Rods, Reels & Fly Lines

Winston's GVX rod series offers a wide range of fast-action, all-graphite rods built with the precision and craftsmanship that are synonymous with the Winston name. These rods feature impeccable line feel and are deadly accurate. Built in Twin Bridges, Montana, your rod will come with a "Trout Unlimited" inscription and Winston's Unconditional Lifetime Guarantee. Donation Amount: $275

Serious rods for serious fish. Utilizing the advanced, high performance Boron technology, the new Winston BIII Plus rod is an exceptionally powerful rod that can overcome even the most challenging fishing situations without sacrificing sensitivity. The “Plus” stands for incredible line speeds, extra power and design qualities needed to handle sizable flies, the wind, and of course, big fish. This 9’ 5-weight rod features Winston’s new shooting guides for turbo charging casts; as well as a “Winston green” anodized aluminum reel seat with a 1 ½” fighting butt for dealing with monster fish. It also comes with a “Trout Unlimited Life Member” inscription and Winston’s lifetime warranty. Donation Amount: $750

The Boron III LS perfectly blends the incredible “Winston Feel” with Boron III technology. The result is a medium-fast action rod that is lively and responsive, and delicately presents a fly with extraordinary accuracy. Handcrafted in Twin Bridges, Montana, this rod is the ideal selection for small stream enthusiasts or those who enjoy stalking big fish with small flies. Donation Amount: $350

Featuring advanced Boron materials and technology, these incredibly lightweight, powerful, fast action rods have a broad casting range. The added energy of Boron allows the angler to effortlessly control the line speed by speeding up or slowing down the casting stroke while maintaining pinpoint accuracy. This makes them ideal all-around rods for the vast majority of situations an angler may encounter, whether it’s making highly accurate, long distance casts or delicate, precise presentations up close. Donation Amount: $220

This medium-action rod utilizes its proprietary design to allow anglers to delicately present flies with pinpoint accuracy. Exceptionally lightweight and with the classic Winston "feel", these rods offer the touch, feel and control required by small stream enthusiasts. Donation Amount: $225

With intimate collaboration between Annette Mclean, Winston’s VP of Rod Design, we are very proud to be able to offer you a one-of-a-kind 8’ 4-weight 3-piece fly rod. Involved with Bamboo since 1929, Winston has been committed to making innovative rods known for their unparalleled craftsmanship and performance. Hand-crafted in Montana, by Annette and her husband Bob, this gorgeous rod displays a “Trout Unlimited Since 1959” inscription and features a stunning nickel silver reel seat with a burled Box Elder insert. There are a limited number of rods available with each rod numbered between 1 and 59 to symbolize the year that TU was founded. Winston’s bamboo rods have a wonderful slow action with superb line and loop control which features incredible touch and feel that allows for extremely delicate presentations. Donation Amount: $2,150

This special-edition TFO outfit includes a Bug Launcher 7’, 4/5wt, 2-piece rod, a NXT reel loaded with fly line, and a rod/reel case for easy travel. Both the Bug Launcher and rod case are inscribed with the TU logo. All donations will go directly to TU Youth Programs. Donation Amount: $175

Made in the USA, the Legend Ultra rod series boasts lightweight high-modulus SCIV fast-action graphite blanks capable of loading line quickly and tossing tight loops without sacrificing percision. Donation Amount: $150

The Sage ZXL 9 foot 5 weight is the perfect rod to add to your trout rod collection. By combining a progressive taper and classic action with Sage's exclusive G5 graphite technology, the ZXL allows you to relax, focus on your cast, and present your flies with pinpoint accuracy without even the slightest ripple to the water's surface. With the ability to perfectly place delicate presentations comes the enjoyment of having trout rise to your fly time and time again. Donation Amount: $215

RIO's Avid performance fly lines utilize highly-evolved tapers and technology. They're super slick and designed for easy casting performance while delivering excellent line turnover and presentation. Each is a floating, weight-forward line and features a welded loop on the front end for easy rigging. Donation Amount: $27

The perfect travel rod... these 5 or 7 piece outfits come with a Wayfarer fly rod with a Redington GD 5/6 titanium reel, WF-5 fly line, 100 yds. of 20 lb. Dacron fly backing, and a rod/reel case. These outfits have everything you need to get on the water now... and they are also great for beginning fishermen. Donation Amount: $140

The Titanium Click and Pawl Drift Series reel is fully machined from 6010-T6 aluminum, lightweight, perfectly balanced and provides that old-school sound that will be music to your ears. Donation Amount: $65

This mid-arbor reel is fully machined 6061 T6 aluminum with a cork center drag design, and Koyo one-way clutch. Color: Black Line weight(s): 5-6. Donation Amount: $70

This rod is built from high modulus T-glass and has a retro style and feel. It offers enough flex to deliver delicate presentations but the strength to reach the far side of the stream and fight those trout that feel like leviathans. Donation Amount: $125

A nine foot long, four piece, five weight fly rod. Weighs 3 5/8oz.  Fast action. Donation Amount: $325

The Helios 2 is a featherlight war club that defies the laws of physics and has the backbone of an I-beam. Lighter in hand and 20% stronger than any rod Orvis has developed before, it transitions energy directly from you brain to the fly and casts with the precision of a laser pointer. It also features fine-tuned tapers for unrivaled tracking, accuracy, and lifting power. Donation Amount: $800

This rod features midnight-blue blank with a custom TU green wrap above the hook keeper, and proudly states “Trout Unlimited Life Member”. It’s also accented with a custom nickel silver and California Buckeye Burl reel seat with an up-locking slide band. This stunning fly rod is a beauty to hold in your hand. And with Orvis’s state-of-the-art materials and tapers, this rod has exceptional sensitivity, feel, and presentation without sacrificing power. Donation Amount: $800

Orvis’s legendary CFO reel, made in the U.S., features a custom TU green color and a “Trout Unlimited” inscription. With a solid back, this reel has a classic feel but with a new “TU twist”. Donation Amount: $250

Designed to be the perfect 5-weight reel, it’s constructed from high-grade anodized aluminum and features a state-of-the-art sealed multidisc drag system. Made in the USA, this reel proudly displays the TU trout on the drag knob and a “Trout Unlimited” engraving on the frame. It also comes with a custom Trout Unlimited reel case. Donation Amount: $400

Hardy's sophisticated and stunning 8'6" 4-piece 5-weight Zenith Sintrix rod is a durable fast-action rod at its best. It's a perfect tool for long and accurate casts, punching through strong wind and fighting large trout. The new Sintrix material is revolutionary, allowing Hardy to produce a truly next-generation rod that is up to 60 percent stronger while still proving to be user-friendly and at the same time extremely high performance. It comes fitted with titanium line guides and a superb skeletal reel seat. We're confident you'll love this rod. Donation Amount: $330

The Douglas Upstream 4884 fly rod applies high-modulus graphite technology and a fiberglass feel to give it a truly special casting action with both line control and the ability to catch with authority, perfect for any mountain stream. Donation Amount: $190

This rod features midnight-blue blank with a custom TU green wrap above the hook keeper. It’s also accented with a custom nickel silver and California Buckeye Burl reel seat with an up-locking slide band. This stunning fly rod is a beauty to hold in your hand. And with Orvis’s state-of-the-art materials and tapers, this rod has exceptional sensitivity, feel, and presentation without sacrificing power. Donation Amount: $850

This high-floating WF5 line features a Finesse Trout taper with TU green head line and TU blue running line. The result is a fast-casting, highly accurate line that lands gently, and mends with a flick of the wrist. Donation Amount: $30

This Bozeman rod is a custom build made just for TU members like you. This stunning medium action 9’ 5-weight 4-piece rod is a classic all-around trout rod, capable of turning over large streamers and making precise casts to undercut banks. The cherry reel-seat meshes beautifully with an olive blank that features the TU logo. Donation Amount: $415

The Bozeman RS 527 reel provides the strength and precision that the serious angler needs, and features sealed bearings, a sealed drag system, and interchangeable spools. Machined out of T6061 aerospace-grade aluminum barstock, the sleek design and light weight still support a tough body. Donation Amount: $360