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Tune into Season Two of On the Rise as the Frank Smethurst and the crew travel to California, Montana, Michigan, Pennsylvania, Arkansas and many more places to find great fishing while exploring all that Trout Unlimited is doing to protect and restore trout habitat today.
Property of Outdoor Channel Holdings, Inc., 2009, 22 minutes per episode, 15 episodes

On the Rise is the next generation of TU television. Join Colorado guide Frank Smethurst on a cross-country search for compelling coldwater fisheries, along with the TU chapters and volunteers who work to protect them. Season one includes 15 episodes and 15 great rivers, like the Gunnison in Colorado, Deschutes in Oregon and the South Holston in Tennessee. You'll pick up something new every time you watch.
Property of Outdoor Channel Holdings, Inc., 2009, 22 minutes per episode, 15 episodes

From the Oxus trout of eastern Afghanistan to the small golden brown trout of British chalk streams, James Prosek has dedicated his unique painting talent to bringing to life trout from around the world, several of which are the few remaining of their type. Prosek has a passion for trout and conveys their beauty with the stroke of his brush in this collection of nearly 100 gorgeous watercolors.Copyright © 2003 by James Prosek. Hard cover, 224 pages.Retail value: $32.50

Who better to edit and introduce an enormous collection of fishing writing than one of America's most accomplished editors and publishers of angling books, Nick Lyons. Lyons has turned over every stone to include an incredible array of well-known fishing scribes like Izaak Walton, Thomas McGuane, James Prosek and John McPhee. And with the inclusion of literary heavyweights like Lord Byron, Gerard Manley Hopkins, Rudyard Kipling and Washington Irving, the selections run the gamut from nonfiction and fiction to poetry, and cover just about every fish, from the regal trout to the powerful tuna.Copyright © 2007 by Nick Lyons. Hardcover, 800 pages.Retail value: $24.95

A thorough and easy-to-follow guide to the scores of knots used by successful fishermen.Copyright © 1999 by Geoffrey Budworth. Paperback, 144 pages.Retail value: $18.95

Although many flyfishers now practice catch and release, the creel continues to maintain its position as a symbol, and increasingly as a piece of folk-art, within the flyfishing community. The Art of the Creel, by Hugh Chatham and Dan McClain, is a collection of more than 200 photographs of creel as well as a history of creel makers and their products. This collection is a great resource for anyone interested in traditional flyfishing practices and items.Copyright 1997 by Hugh Chatham and Dan McClain. Hardcover, 196 pages.Retail value: $50

My Healthy Stream 2nd Edition includes chapters on watersheds, monitoring stream condition, water quality, developing riparian buffer strips along streams, stream restoration techniques, trout habitat requirements, stopping invasive species, dealing with increasing intensity of floods and droughts, and a new chapter on urban stream rehabilitation. At only 96 pages in a 6x9" format, it comes packed with colorful graphics and photos. It is a "how-to" book but also answers the "why" questions of stream and riparian management. Members who want to purchase orders in bulk (more than 1 book), please contact Sabrina Beus at or 208-345-9800. Retail value: $8.95

Wading in a stream, Bryan McMurry prepares to cast to one of the biggest steelhead he has ever seen when he is confronted with a striking question: "What right do you have to cast to a magnificent fish like this?" This daunting question leads him to reflect on his own life, from his youth on a hardscrabble ranch to his introduction to fly fishing. By the time he returns to the monster steelhead, McMurry learns a number of important lessons, including that life is not so much about what you learn, but what you do with your knowledge. Dr. McMurry is a dedicated member of Trout Unlimited and has pledged to give a portion of the proceeds from his book to Project Healing Waters, which helps with the rehabilitation of disabled military personnel and veterans.
Copyright 2009 by Bryan McMurry. Paperback, 176 pages.

Incredible true stories about the big ones that got away--and the ones that didn't. Zane Grey, John Gierach, and others share encounters with great gamefish.
Copyright © 2005 by Lamar Underwood. Paperback, 296 pages.
Retail value: $24.95

In Praise of Wild Trout is a celebration of wild brook, brown, rainbow, and cutthroat trout - by some of America's finest writers. W. D. Wetherell, John Engels, Datus Proper, John Gierach, Christopher Camuto, Tom Palmer, Robert Behnke, and Nick Lyons examine the meaning and importance of wilderness and "wildness" in this superb little book. From the essays of Gierach and Proper to the scientific studies of Behnke, In Praise of Wild Trout explores the special joys of angling for such fish: what distinguishes them, aesthetically and otherwise, from the stocked variety; the important distinction between "native" and "wild"; and the need to protect such stock - and how they have been brought back. Wild trout are the jewels of our rivers and lakes, born to their waters and with an unsurpassed physical beauty and spirit.Copyright © 1998 by Nick Lyons. Hardcover, 112 pages.Retail value: $20

Good Flies finds Gierach behind the fly-tying vise, sorting through his neck feathers and homemade bodkins in an effort to make sense of his own fly-tying tendencies within the larger, centuries-old tradition. "Tying our own flies is where many of us go off the deep end in fly fishing," he admits in the introduction as a caveat emptor. Non-tiers might lose interest in the subsequent chapters of seeming arcana covering everything from the pros of spade hackle (essential for dry-fly tails) to the cons of beadheads (they're ugly). But amid this abundance of information and opinion, Gierach's puckish, Twain-like sensibilities poke through just enough so that any fly-fisher with a taste for the sport's hallowed literature, regardless of whether he ties his own, can settle back with a copy of Good Flies and enjoy the drift.
Copyright © 2007 by John Gierach. Paperback, 192 pages.
Retail value: $15

Anders Halverson provides an exhaustively researched and grippingly rendered account of the rainbow trout and why it has become the most commonly stocked and controversial freshwater fish in the United States. Originally discovered in the streams of northern California, rainbow trout have been artificially distributed in streams across America for more than a century. Halverson discusses the spread of the rainbow trout and how a fish that has gained incredible popularity among anglers has also produced environment problems and controversy. A great read for any angler who has gone after rainbows in their local trout stream.
Copyright 2010 by Ander Halverson. Paperback, 288 pages.

Colorado State professor of ichthyology Behnke brings scientific expertise, a sense of humor and a flair for drama to this collection of 43 essays previously published as his "About Trout" column in conservation organization Trout Unlimited's Trout magazine. Behnke considers the evolution, historic and current distribution, biological characteristics and defining physical traits of various species of trout and salmon-from the common brown trout and well-known Atlantic salmon to the rare Apache trout and the once-presumed extinct, now-endangered Alvord cutthroat trout. Tomelleri's colorful illustrations underline the uniqueness of each type of trout and why the fish inspires such passion among those who protect and catch them.
Copyright © 2007 by Robert Behnke. Hardcover, 272 pages.
Retail value: $29.95

This is a book that teaches a kid how to flyfish-written by a kid! Eight-year-old Tyler tells about fish, where fish live, what fish eat, equipment, and fly casting. The book is filled with Tyler's drawings and color photos. Tyler believes there is not enough young kids that fly fish and he wants to change that.
Copyright © 2007 by Tyler Befus. Paperback, 96 pages.
Retail value: $26